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Best of Houzz 2024 - Client Satisfaction

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These guys have over 40 years experience creating smart and renewable energy systems. You get a self sustainable property with immediate equity growth potential, lasting value and low maintenance costs. They will build it right the first time so taking the risk of using someone who might be able to do it for less money is not worth it.Read More

This is a great company! I can personally attest to their quality craftsmanship, cutting edge systems, and exceptional execution. We had our old home remodeled on 7th Street in Boulder overlooking North Boulder Park. What started out as a small and dated bungalow was completely transformed into a solar and green-built show piece. We built it with 80% recycled ICF block walls for the foundation and exterior...which no one would ever guess with its Craftsman home look and feel. Because of the high performance building envelope, only a small rooftop solar PV and thermal along with battery storage system was able to handle our 4,400 square foot homes energy, heating, and cooling needs. It was extra cool that I got to come up with my own little addition to the project...a trap door from my bedroom directly to the rec room in the basement! It was definitely a great place to have friends over to play pool, watch movies, or hang out in our oversized hot tub that was totally heated by the sun. How the final product turned out was so impressive, we submitted it for an Architect's Institute of America Award, which it won. Our home was also featured 3 years in a row on Boulder' Solar Home Tour. After that experience, I was hooked and began working on and off with this company. We broke ground on several other fully custom and off-grid homes and ranches (Vagabond, Roosevelt, Caribou, Conifer, Blackhawk) across Colorado's Front Range. One of the coolest projects I worked with them on after my own home was the Sunshine Canyon "Horseshoe Home." If you include the garage and showroom there ended up being over 8,000 square feet of conditioned space that was heated and powered with solar and geothermal. That house is epic! It has amazing views and insane craftsmanship. All in all, Constructive Alternatives is a future forward company with so much experience incorporating renewables to support a sustainable living experience for its customers (whether a barn, small bungalow, ADU, guest house, earth-sheltered dwelling, or large luxury home). It's been a privilege to live in one of their homes and then go on to work with them, allowing me to work side-by-side with so many master tradesmen who are creating the next generation of cool net zero homes. Highly Recommend!Read More

I'm an architect and have worked with Davide Picard on several projects. Constructive Alternatives brings loads of skill and passion to every project, and their follow-through is thorough and detailed. This man has no fear of those building details that architects tend to draw (!) - though they may look amazing at the end, some contractors don't want to go out of their comfort zone. At Constructive Alternatives I found willing and able partners in creating beautiful buildings. Thank you CA team!!Read More

Incredible experience with Constructive Alternatives and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need of a professional solar company. From the moment contacted, knew was dealing with true experts in the field. The team was knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient. They patiently answered questions and guided through the entire process with clarity and transparency. Their attention to detail during the installation was impressive, and they ensured that every aspect of the solar system was set up perfectly.Read More

I worked with Constructive Alternatives as an apprentice, specifically assisting with the self sustainable airport hangar project. I worked on acoustical soundboard panel fabrication for the executive hangar. I also helped support solar thermal, geothermal, and solar PV system installs, as well as painting, light tool, and some heavy machinery operation (e.g., magnetic drilling machine and scissor lift). For me Constructive Alternatives is aligned with my environmental protection and preservation values, as well as executing creative and eco-intuitive solutions to complex constructive projects. I am inspired by the way this company creates community and accomplishes impressive engineering, mechanical, and electrical feats so efficiently. This company, and the people in it, is one in a million, and I am always excited to see what problems they are going to solve next!Read More

Caption for Boulder County Justice Center Remodel and Rooftop Solar System Commendation

Our GC created an in-house construction management and building team within Boulder County as a means of saving tax-payer dollars on the multi-year/multi-million dollar Boulder County Justice Center remodel. When the federal cash grants were made available, solar PV helped green this essential government facility.

See aerial image above showing the solar PV modules that were secured to the TPO rooftop with a customized structural subframe (elevated racking) system that had to be designed strong enough to resist the major wind and snow loads that Boulder is known for.

Johnston ICF Home

In 2001, Constructive Alternatives finished building the Johnston Residence on Sumac Street entirely of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) with the goal of simulating their desire for an adobe home in Colorado. Because structurally, adobe wasn't sound in Boulder's more hostile freeze/thaw environment, ICFs were an excellent alternative. The couple loved how their Boulder bungalow turned out looking so similar to the adobe homes found in their native Mexico. They also came to fully appreciate the insulating and acoustical qualities of the ICF construction--particularly as it helped create a tranquil and quiet counseling environment on the lower level, which was designed to be their in-home counseling center for children.

Boulder Daily Camera Home & Garden Article

The Boulder Daily Camera featured the Barrett House (North Boulder's first solar/green built home) and the Callahan home (an interesting Earthship near Ward). Barrett Studio Architects Founders David and Betsy Barrett hired Constructive Alternatives for many collaborations, including designing and installing their own home's ICF building system. The Callahans hired Constructive Alternatives to install the solar PV and solar thermal systems and also helped them with the ICF foundation and structural bearing walls that integrated with rammed earth and old recycled tires for the in-fill walls.