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We love the power of the sun and recognize how it can provide one of the most constructive alternatives to powering your home and electric vehicles. Solar energy is more sustainable and less expensive than using fossil fuels (at the pump or from the utility) over the long run. However, it requires an investment of thorough research, time, and money to make the switch to solar and it doesn’t necessarily work for every property. We can help you analyze whether the advantages of solar power outweigh the disadvantages and if there are other options that can help you become less reliant on fossil fuels or the grid.


  • Independence from the utility and gas station’s rising energy costs
  • You can generate power even if the grid is down with battery storage
  • Reduce or ideally eliminate your utility’s electric bill
  • Net-metering can create a profitable investment
  • Sustainable, low maintenance, and improves your property value
  • The 30% federal tax credit, local and utility incentives, and zero-down financing can make it very affordable to switch


  • Can be expensive if paying cash upfront
  • Takes up space on your roof and some people don’t like how it looks
  • Adding battery storage can be expensive too
  • Not right for every property (shading, too many roof faces)
  • Can’t own your solar power if you are renting
  • It might not have a solid ROI if you plan to move in less than a year
  • If you don’t have the right rooftop and no large unshaded area for a ground mount, other solutions may be more feasible
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We’ve installed hundreds of remote and solar + storage systems.

Check out a few of the solar projects we’ve completed over the last three decades.

Contact us to assess how you can leverage the power of the sun to energize your life.

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