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Most solar contractors only install PV (photovoltaic) systems to cover electric loads. Most geothermal contractors only focus on drilling deep wells for heating and cooling and it doesn’t really work that well for heating. We like to slay the “heating and cooling” beast with a combination of solar PV, solar thermal, and geothermal in a more holistic way to harness the many benefits that our earth and sun provide.

At Constructive Alternatives, we've found geothermal and solar thermal to be excellent ways to decrease a building's reliance on fossil fuels. These two renewable resources can work in tandem to help heat and cool a home or building. Employing solar thermal and geothermal in-floor radiant heating and cooling systems can significantly decrease home energy costs AND the carbon emissions associated with temperature regulation that is typical of electric baseboard, natural gas, or propane gas forced air systems.

Most air conditioning units require heavy electrical loads. When building or remodeling to achieve “NET ZERO,” we encourage our clients considering a new build to consider geothermal heat pumps, or loops so they can leverage the stable temperature under the Earth’s surface to be a source of cooling as well as a heat sink in the summer. Combining geothermal systems with solar thermal allows in-floor and radiant system owners to benefit from collecting the sun’s energy to heat all domestic water as well as the entire home or building through loops. It is a very efficient design methodology, more commonly used in Canada and Europe. With this HVAC approach, the same in-floor (wall or ceiling) tubes can be used to run either cooler or warmer water through them to provide very comfortable and uniformly heated and cooled indoor spaces. 

Contact us to help assess whether your home or building is a good candidate for a passive heating and cooling system that leverages the earth, sun, air, and water.